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PowderBleu Plush Kabuki Brush

PowderBleu Plush Kabuki Brush

65,450 MNT
65,450 MNT
Хямдралтай Дууссан

The FauxBleu™ Technology Uses Bristles Engineered To Perform As Well As Blue Squirrel Hair.

  • Combination of soft, long tapered & unique wavy bristles.
  • Optimised for layering powders without disturbing makeup already applied.

Plush Kabuki

  • Buff & blend powders from face to decolletage.
  • The plush large head of the Soft Kabuki Brush is designed for buffing & blending of powder bronzers, highlighters, or contour makeup from face to décolletage for a beautiful, complete look.
  • Blend on powder bronzers to your shoulders and arms to warm up your look.
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