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Pyunkang Yul

Pyunkang Yul Peeling Gel 100ml

Pyunkang Yul Peeling Gel 100ml

39,800 MNT
39,800 MNT
Хямдралтай Дууссан

  • Gentle, natural-derived peeling ingredients smooth out old dead skin cells and keep the skin clear and moist.
  • Papaya fruit extract and Citic Acid - genuine natural based formula smoothly removes impurities from skin's surface, visibly reduces pores sizes and leaves the skin feeling soft without any irritating and stinging feeling.
  • Extracted from Scutellaria Baicalensis root and Licorice which contain plenty vitamin and mineral, providing the scrubbed skin looking a refined, bright and glow.
  • Rapid moisturizing with Hyaluronic Acid and vitamins.
  • Step 1: Wipe water off after washing the face, then evenly spread an adequate amount onto the face.

    Step 2: Gently rub and roll to remove dead skin cells and skin waste, then wash it off with lukewarm water.

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