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Nard Dandruff & Hair Loss Care shampoo 1000ml

Nard Dandruff & Hair Loss Care shampoo 1000ml

46,500 MNT
46,500 MNT
Хямдралтай Дууссан

Hair shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes the hair, protecting it from damage. It also helps to strengthen the hair and maintain its elasticity.

Black cumin seeds have been used for centuries in hair care. They are rich in many essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. So try the wonders of black cumin with an herbal hair shampoo that effectively nourishes, protects against damage and strengthens your hair.

The shampoo also promotes rapid hair growth, prevents flaking, prevents inflammation, and regenerates inflamed areas of the scalp.

With regular use of the shampoo, hair follicles are restored, the hair becomes silky and soft. Split ends of hair, dandruff do not appear.

How to use: Apply the required amount of shampoo to wet hair, massage well to lather well, then rinse all the shampoo from the hair.

Volume: 1000ml

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