Duo Sharpener

  • Хямдралтай
  • Энгийн үнэ 15,350 ₮

Бэлэн бараа 3-36 цагийн дотор хүргэгдэнэ.

Liner pencil gone dull? Don’t lose the point. Our Duo makeup pencil sharpener gives you perfect precision with a few easy twists. From super-slim liners to jumbo crayons, our Duo sharpener never met a pencil it couldn’t make pointy again. Need a lip liner sharpener that keeps shavings contained? Duo to the rescue -- it has a handy lid to keep things tidy.

Хэрэглэх заавар:

Cat eyes, wings, lined lips and more -- Duo Sharpener will keep all your eye, lip and face pencils on point. This lip pencil sharpener comes with two blades, so it can work on any pencil in your makeup bag. Empty shavings from the lid after each use to keep your eyeliner sharpener at peak performance.

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