Clean Collars 50ш

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  • Энгийн үнэ 15,850 ₮

These GiGi Clean Collars fit the rims of 8 oz. and 14 oz. GiGi Honee Warmers perfectly and shield the warmer from dripping wax. Keep your workspace sanitary and neat.

  • 50 pieces of heavy paper collars that neatly shield warmers from dripping wax to keep the wax container clean
  • Fits the rims of the 14-ounce GiGi warmer
  • Helps lift wax can in and out of warmer easily

Хэрэглэх заавар:

Place new collar on rim of GiGi Warmer. Remove plastic lid and place can in warmer. When collar is soiled, lift off can with collar and discard. Clean Warmer with GiGi Sure Clean. Replace with new collar as in steps 1 and 2.