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The Perfect Cleansing Oil Pad EX 60ш / 175мл

The Perfect Cleansing Oil Pad EX 60ш / 175мл

54,350 MNT
54,350 MNT
Хямдралтай Дууссан

One cleansing pad is enough for the ultimate cleansing.
Jumbo size of cleansing oil pad created with surging requests.
Jumbo size pad that can be kept at home and used constantly.
Low-irritant moisturizing cleanser that can remove thick makeup with just one pad.
The perfect cleaning oil pad that has upgraded the ingredients, usability, and package.
The previous oiliness is recreated and upgraded into a refreshing and comfortable feeling.
The product has been strengthened by adding a mixture of plant-based cleaning ingredients to the existing makeup remover and can quickly remove heavy makeup.
This product uses 100% vegan cotton fabric that is gentle on the skin and rich in contents.
With the one-touch cap replacing an uncomfortable screw cap and built-in tweezers, hygienic cleansing is possible.
Suitable for easily stimulated sensitive skin, skin that quickly dries out after cleansing, skin that wears heavy makeup daily, and skin that finds multi-step cleansing burdensome.
The product is formulated with the optimal ratio of oil and moisture to roll smoothly on the skin.
When cleansing with a 7:3 mix of oil and water, it reduces skin friction and helps to smoothly roll during cleansing, making it possible to quickly cleanse even strong makeup.
A refreshing, moisturizing, and soft cotton pad.
Completed the 24-hour skin low irritation test, and eye low irritation test.
It helps with gentle and healthy cleansing with a more mild-pH.
This product comes with a one-touch cap that is hygienic and built-in tweezers.
Thick and double-sided vegan pad of 7CM that can be used like new even when used upside down.
With a soft embossed finish, it is possible to deeply cleanse makeup, remove keratin from the lips, and impurities.
Suitable for wide skin surface cleansing, base makeup removal, and makeup residue with a delicate flat surface.
A huge cleansing pad that is convenient to use it by putting it next to the bed when you're too lazy to cleanse before going to bed.
Remove the makeup in 30 seconds before going exercising or when you don’t even have time to wash your face.
With just one pad, you can quickly cleanse your makeup during times when it's hard to move due to pulling all-nighters or hangovers.
This product gives a refreshing finish.
This is a thick double-sided vegan pad that has completed the eye irritation test, low irritation skin test, and point/base makeup cleansing.

Featured ingredients

Contains 10 plant-derived moisturizing oil and nutritious ingredients that keeps the skin healthy.
The plant-based ingredients are mixed for a calm finish.
Contains the Yucca Schidigera Root Extract to help skin soothing after cleansing.
Contains Saponaria Officinalis that helps with soothing the skin texture.
Contains Quillaja Saponaria Bark Extract to help with gentle cleansing.
The product contains shine muscat, green apple, blueberry, and green papaya, which helps to control irritated keratin and makes the skin smooth and moisturized after washing.
Contains Centella Asiatica Extract and Houttuynia Cordata Extract, 4-herb complex for a skin soothing effect.
Contains squalane and hyaluronic acid to provide moisturizing effect.
Contains panthenol and biotin to help with nutrition.

How to use

1. Get a sheet of cleansing pad.
2. Use the embossed side to remove the makeup on the eyes and lip.
3. Use the soft side to remove the base makeup along the skin texture.
4. Based on the skin type, rinse with water or cleansing foam.

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