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Natural - 107

Natural - 107

17,650 MNT
17,650 MNT
Хямдралтай Дууссан

Ardell Fashion Strip Eyelashes #107

- Black Color

Glamour lashes are perfect for any special occasion or a night out on the town.

Our most popular bold and sparkling lash styles are reusable, easy-to-apply and give the desired, glamorous look of long, beautiful lashes.

  • Fuller and Bolder Look: Skip the heaps of mascara that only cost you time and cluttered tips. These strips are made fuller and with more counts of intense black hairs. For fluffier and plumper eyes, perfect for your small tired-looking eyes. The hairs blend smoothly with your genuine lashes delivering bushier (more healthy looking!) and even lashes that even will survive your toughest days! Plus, they stay soft and flexible even with more hair!
  • Long, Fully-Curled Fibers: Made with exquisitely long strands ideal for completely transforming the appearance of your eyes. Also crafted with a full curl so you can skip applying that mascara and curling - saves you time for prepping! Expertly fashioned so you can wear them without looking too stiff or overdone. Pick these if you have small eyes that need more drama or if you're looking for a bolder statement!
  • Classic, Flared Strip Lash: Crafted with a timeless lash design. Shorter hairs are placed in the inner and longer hairs on the ends creating a brighter and livelier eye makeup. Great for deep-set eyes and monolid eye shapes and makes smaller eyes more prominent and captivating. These lashes give a dramatic and sultry look which really puts focus on your gorgeous eyes!
  • Black, Reliable Lash Band: Made from high-quality synthetic materials making the lash band so flexible but strong enough to prevent snapping during wear. Styled with an intense black shade that can double as your black eyeliner. You can finish off with dramatic eye makeup. Even with minimal (or no) black liner. Thick enough for the glue to work on but not bothersome on the lids. All out lashed eyes even whether you're out dancing or running errands!
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