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LashFree Adhesive Remover

LashFree Adhesive Remover

14,900 MNT
14,900 MNT
Хямдралтай Дууссан

Хэмжээ 5мл / Суулгадаг сормуус салгагч

A formula that dissolves lash adhesive for safe and pain-free individual false lash removal.

Ideal for the individual lash wearer, Lashfree Remover works to gently dissolve the adhesive attaching the fibres to the lash-line for safe and easy removal.

Хэрэглэх заавар:

  • Wipe over the lashes.
  • Wait until the adhesive dissolves and the lashes slide off before removing.



  • PAIN-FREE INDIVIDUAL FAUX LASH REMOVAL: Ardell LashFree Individual Eyelash Adhesive Remover is ideal for the individual lash wearer, as it works to gently dissolve the adhesive attaching the fibers to the lash-line for safe and easy removal. The thicker formula stays on lashes and works its magic without leaking down into the eyes. It just sits on the lashes, dissolves all the adhesive, and extensions glide right off your natural lashes without harming or damaging them.
  • ERGONOMIC: Ardell LashFree Individual Eyelash Adhesive Remover is designed for safe and trouble-free glue removal. Just a small amount of preparation is enough to get rid of firmly attached clusters. Simply cover the lower eyelid with a paper tissue. Close the eye and damp a thin brush or applicator in LashFree Individual Eyelash Adhesive Remover. Then gently apply to the glue until you detach individual eyelashes. Repeat if necessary.
  • SAFE AND PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: As this individual eyelash adhesive remover from Ardell is specially made by lash experts, it’s ensured using the highest quality ingredients that have been salon tested all over the world. Made using the same ingredients found in the medical-grade lash adhesive eliminator, this product does not contain latex or formaldehyde-free, 100 % cruelty-free - never tested on animals and proudly made in the US.
  • LEAK-FREE BOTTLES FOR A LONGER LIFESPAN: The bottle has a special design that prevents the faux lash glue remover from leaking and getting contact with air, thus preserving its lifespan even after frequent use. The shelf life of this product is approximately two years as long as the bottle is kept tightly closed in a cool, dry location.
  • BEAUTY BRAND YOU TRUST: Ardell is a widely recognized name in faux lashes and brow artistry by catering not just to legions of beauty professionals and Hollywood makeup artists but also to women looking to enhance their own beauty. Ardell’s comfort and affordability makes them a luxury that elevates any makeup look to another level. It offers an array of faux lashes, brows design essentials, and color cosmetics to suit every woman, every skin type, every event, and every lifestyle.


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