10 ширхэгтэй нүүр будалтын ком багс

  • Хямдралтай
  • Энгийн үнэ 43,000 ₮

Hair is made of high quality material, with soft and comfortable touch feeling and can provide superb ability to hold powder, pleasing for your skin.

The wood handle is beautiful, and comfortable to use. An essential for not only professionals but also home users.
  • 1. The makeup brush set is easy to carry and use
  • 2. With superior-quality, the makeup brushes in the set will not irritate your skin
  • 3. Durable unique packaging can well protect your makeup brushes
  • 4. It is an important beauty essential for you
  • 5. Handle made of plastic and aluminum

Case Include:
1.loose powder brush,goat hair,length:150mm
2.blush brush,goat hair,length:146mm
3.fan powder brush,synthetic hair,length:145mm
4.blending brush,pony hair,length:125mm
5.eyeshadow brush,pony hair,length:128mm
6.eyeshadow brush,pony hair,length:128mm
7.eyeshadow brush,goat hair,length:128mm
8.lip brush,synthetic hair,length:123mm
9.eyebrow & eyelash comb brush,synthetic hair,length:150mm
10.eyebrow brush,esynthetic hair,length:122mm
11.pro velcro brush bag,quality garment leather