Dark Honee 396гр

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Бэлэн бараа 3-36 цагийн дотор хүргэгдэнэ.

The GiGi Dark Honee formula was developed for the effective removal of resistant, coarse and curly hair. Ideal for sensitive skin, GiGi Dark Honee removes unwanted hair effectively without irritation. Ideal for normal to dry skin types. For use with GiGi Natural Muslin, Bleached Muslin or Cloth Epilating Strips.

HAIR REMOVAL WAX FOR THICK, COARSE HAIR: Got stubborn hair that you can’t just remove totally no matter how much you try? Try GiGi Dark Honee Hair Removal Wax! Its formula was developed to meet the increasing demand for effective removal of resistant, coarse and curly hair. Ideal for normal to dry skin types. This wax works with GiGi Natural Muslin, Bleached Muslin or Cloth Epilating Strips. You can enjoy an incredibly smoother, hair-free skin that lasts up to 3-6 weeks with GiGi Dark Honee Wax!
POWERED BY CASTOR OIL, MINERAL OIL AND HONEY EXTRACT: Castor oil is popular in the world of skincare. GiGi Dark Honee Hair Removal Wax contains castor oil which effectively disinfects and has triglycerides that lock in moisture in the skin, making it a useful treatment for dry skin. It also has other mineral oils (Paraffinum Liquidum, Huile Minérale) that prevent skin from dryness, and honey extract that also moisturizes the skin during and after waxing.
GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: GiGi Dark Honee Hair Removal Wax has all natural formula that contains beneficial properties of beeswax, which is gentle for most delicate areas like the bikini area and underarms. Perfect, especially to those who have sensitive skin. Once you’re done waxing using GiGi Dark Honee Wax, you can easily say goodbye to your stubborn body hair and say hello to smoother and silkier skin!
LONG-LASTING EFFECT: Remove unwanted, stubborn coarse and curly hair instantly with GiGi Dark Honee Wax! One wax session can save your time from tedious shaving or tweezing. This wax is specially formulated to get rid of your annoyingly-resistant hair from the roots and slow down hair regrowth up to 3-6 weeks. Not only that! It will have your hair grow back finer and softer with no stubble leaving a smoother, silkier feel.
TRUSTED AND SAFE: The leader in hair removal since 1972. The most trusted wax choice among professionals, spa, and salons. Its advanced formulations and ingredients will surely elevate your hair waxing experience! Products are paraben-free and 100% cruelty-free. Never tested on animals - proudly made in the US.

Хэрэглэх заавар:

PREP & HEAT: 1. Place collar on GiGi warmer. 2. Remove plastic lid and place can in warmer. Set temperature to High for 15-25 minutes, then set to Low until wax has a thin/honey consistency. 3. Test wax temperature on the backside of your wrist before waxing. READY TO WAX! 1. Cleanse area to be epilated with GiGi Pre Hon cleanser and then pat thoroughly dry with tissue. 2. Apply a thin layer of GiGi Pre Epilation Powder to absorb moisture and oil. 3. Holding the applicator at a 45° angle, apply a thin layer of soft wax in the direction of hair growth. 4. Place epilating strip over wax and rub strip firmly in the direction of hair growth. 5. Hold the skin taut and pull epilating strip off (parallel to the skin) with one quick motion in the opposite direction of hair growth. 6. Immediately apply firm pressure to epilated area with the cushion of your fingers or palm of your hand to calm the skin. Pro Tip: Use your epilated strip to remove any leftover wax from your skin 7. Never re-apply soft wax to newly-epilated areas. AFTER WAX CARE: 1. Apply GiGi Wax Off to remove any wax residue and to condition. 2. Apply Post Wax Cooling Gel liberally to skin after waxing to help soothe irritation and redness. 3. To maintain waxing results longer, smooth on GiGi Slow Grow, a hair minimizer, every day after showering.

Анхаарах зүйлс:

  • Waxing should not be performed more than once every ten days on the same areas. It usually takes that long for hair to grow to a length of one-quarter inch, which is necessary for effective removal.
  • Do not use wax on anyone who has phlebitis or diabetes, without the consent of a physician.
  • Never apply wax to eyelids, the inside of the nose, or inside the ears.
  • Do not permit client to scratch area. Scratching or intense rubbing will irritate the skin.
  • Do not rub the strip more than one time. Excessive rubbing results in redness.
  • Never apply wax to the nipples when removing hair from the breast area.
  • Avoid using wax on clients who have a history of cysts or boils, and certainly never on clients with active herpes virus (cold sores).
  • Do not use products containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) such as Malic, Lactic, Tartaric, Glycolic and Citric Acids or Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA’s) such as Salicylic Acid prior to and after waxing service. These products may cause irritation or sensitivity to the waxed area.
  • Do not wax over areas that have dermal fillers.


Rosin (Colophonium, Colophane), Glyceryl Hydrogenated Rosinate, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum, Huile Minérale), Honey Extract (Mel, Extrait de Miel), Polyester-3, Iron Oxides (CI 77499)

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