Origin Fresh Kit (саван 30г+ Тоник 30мл+ Серум 10мл+ Тос 20мл)

  • Хямдралтай
  • Энгийн үнэ 65,000 ₮

Бэлэн бараа 3-36 цагийн дотор хүргэгдэнэ.
Origin Fresh Kit
- Fresh Herb Origin Toner 30ml
- Fresh Herb Origin Serum 10ml
- Fresh Herb Origin Cream 20ml
- Fresh EM Soap 30g

Suggested Use
01 Fresh Herb Origin Toner 30ml
Wash skin wastes off thoroughly with the cleanser.
Take an appropriate amount on a cotton pad and gently wash your skin with it.
Pat your face lightly with your hands to let it absorbed.

02 Fresh Herb Origin Serum 10ml
Every morning and evening, after cleansing, apply after the application of toner. Be sure to shake before use.
Use the spoid to apply the serum to your skin. Spread and absorb.
Apply a cream to dry regions

03 Fresh Herb Origin Cream 20ml
After washing your face, use a toner to smooth your skin.
Take an appropriate amount and spread smoothly on the face and neck.
Pat your face lightly to let remaining toner absorbed.

04 Fresh EM Soap 30g
Make a big foamy lather with your hands and gently rub over your face.
Not suitable for removing makeup. Only for secondary cleansing use.
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